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 Food Service Equipment

At Stainless & Co, we don’t simply provide you with the latest design and installation technology and processes – we also supply the best food service equipment options.

Our aim is to provide all our customers with the highest quality Cooking Equipment with year round value for money pricing. In addition, we aim to ensure that our customers are provided with the best equipment advice and most appropriate product suitable to meeting their requirements. All this is backed up by sound Manufacturer’s Warranty provision and our commitment to ensuring excellent Customer Service and Support.

Our excellent reputation covers a wide range of markets and clientel and includes Pub and Hotel Chains, Brewery and Restaurant groups, Cafes, Military, Sports Stadia, Supermarkets, Public Sectors, National Fast Food Chains and many more.

We have a vast range Cooking Equipment with all items in our portfolio available to buy or rent.

    • Cooking
    • Warewashing
    • Refrigeration
    • Food Holding & Display
    • Countertop Equipment
    • Handling & Distribution
    • Shelving & Storage
    • Benching & Cabinetry
    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Kitchen Ventilation and Exhaust
    • Refrigeration Display Cabinets